Are you intrigued about getting a degree from China? Have you already tried applying, but you got stuck in the process? Have you just found out that you could get a scholarship, but don't know how? Then use our know-how and experience and make this process for yourself super smooth with our consultations!


  • What?

    Consultation, Assistance and Application for Chinese university degree programs taught either in English or Chinese.

  • What degrees?

    Undergraduate (Bachelor), Graduate (Master, MBA), Postgraduate (PhD).

  • Length of studies?

    From 2 up to 5 years, depending on the degree, language and major choice.

  • When should I start applying?

    As soon as possible, since there are various deadlines for applicationsuly 2022.

  • Language level?

    Beginner, Elementary up to Upper-Intermediate.

  • Price?

    Tuition is usually around 4000 EUR per year with the option to apply for a scholarship

  • Deadline?

    If you want to apply for a scholarship, then best to start date is in November, and the results come around the end of April. The last call for some Universities is in June.

How Can I Register?

Non-binding registration! Just fill out this simple form via link below and we will get int touch with you!

I'm interested!


A Complex process of consultation and assistance with choosing, preparing and applying for studies at University in China basing on your preferences, experience and other relevant criteria. All in 4 steps!


You realize that getting a degree from China would be a great deal for you! Think about it a second and then answer these questions and formulate in one sentence:
1. What major I am interested in?
2. What degree do I want to get?
3. Which language do I want to do it in?
Like this: "I'm Martin and I would like to get a master's degree in logistics in Chinese language." And then send it to us at!


We at A-SLIDE will process your demand and will contact you back with more detailed information according to your preferences. We will explain to you what is the process for applying, deadlines and requirements. Then it's time for you to process and decide if you are IN!


We will start the application process together with you. Preparing all required documents will take some time and effort. We will get you a checklist and we are going to be available daily for your questions if things are unclear! Deadlines are still hunting us but we are covering them for you! Finally, we will be sending out the application!


​Once we receive the confirmation on your application, finalize the last documents needed for your visa application and you can start getting ready for the ride of your life! All you need to do now is to check-in on your first day at school!​

Want To Know More?


  • Our current language center is located at the campus of the University of Science and Technology in Beijing. One or two semester course start at the beginning of September or March. Each semester consists of 13 weeks (including some of national holidays which you can use for relax, travelling or further boosting your Chinese!), followed by week of exams, when you can make your HSK language certificate. Classes are held in small groups of students from all over the world, running every week from Monday to Friday starting at 8 AM until noon, sometimes classes can be held afternoon, too. You will have free weekends, which will serve you as perfect opportunity to hit the streets of Beijing, discover the beauty of China or simply unwind from all the learning. There are also various trips organized by the learning center to visit Great Wall, museums or traditional Chinese art performances. Different types of classes alternate throughout the language course: 口语 Speaking, 听力 Listening, 阅读 Reading and 语法 Grammar where you will learn how to properly write Chinese characters. Cultural classes, history as well as Taiqi or calligraphy will also be part of the semester. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive a certificate and the possibility to participate in the HSK tests. After the course you can obtain HSK 4/5 which corresponds to B2 level of the European language framework.


  • As former students, we are fully aware that we were one of the most price sensitive groups. That’s why our main goal is to offer this life changing experience at the most affordable prices. One semester course starts at 1990 EUR ( you get 13 weeks of classes and full-immersion life experience in China) or 3890 EUR for a full year course. The price includes tuition fee, registration fees, cultural and leisure activities organized by school, orientation, school books and of course our full support! The costs of accommodation are not included in the price, but we can help you to get most advantageous offers! ​
  • 1 semester course - 1999 EUR
    Included in the price: Registration, Orientation meeting, Study materials, Trips
  • 2 semesters course - 3890 EUR
    Included in the price: Registration, Orientation meeting, Study materials, Trips


  • Accommodation is one of the crucial parts of your stay abroad. We are aware that this might be a huge part of the budget. In case you decide to go to China with us, we can help you arrange different kinds of accommodation. Nevertheless most students chooses (and we encourage to) live directly at campus with other schoolmates and in the nearest vicinity to the classroom! We work closely with the University in order to arrange you a suitable accommodation for the best value. Students accommodation facilities are located in the language center area. Double rooms with private bathroom and toilet are equipped with TV, air conditioning and internet. The language center is situated near the Wudaokou Student Center, which is near the Olympic Village - an hour drive from the Great Wall. The distance from the airport is 30 km. Prices start from around 200 EUR per month, depending on the chosen type of accommodation.