Summer is the perfect time to relax, travel, meet new people and to experience something new. This is all part of Chinese summer school in Beijing! In addition to this awesome experience, you will also learn basics of the Chinese language – yes, you can really learn a lot in just one month, especially when you are interacting with the locals, being immersed in their culture and using the language on a daily basis.


  • What?

    Summer school of Chinese Mandarin language directly in China.

  • WHERE?

    Language center at the University in Beijing.


    Either 3 or 4 weeks.

  • START?

    July 2022.

  • LEVEL?

    Beginner, Elementary up to Upper-Intermediate.

  • Deadline?

    Until 03/2022.

  • PRICE?

    From 1499EUR, accommodation included!

How Can I Register?

Non-binding registration! Just fill out this simple form via link below and we will get int touch with you!

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Want To Know More?


  • We offer you amazing 3 or 4 weeks long intensive course held in the language center at our partner University in Beijing.
  • ​​Classes are held from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Afternoons will be dedicated to exploring Beijing and its surrounding areas! You will get to see amazing part of the history and presence of China and of course taste it, too!​​
  • Suitable for total beginners up-to upper-intermediate levels.
  • Limitless options for leisure time activities during summer in Beijing.
  • You will receive a certificate after a successful completion of the language course.
  • Accommodation is included in the price! Just don't forget to pack sunscreen, because summer in Beijing is really hot!


  • As former students, we are fully aware that pupils are one of the most price sensitive groups. That’s why our main goal is to offer you this life changing experience at the most affordable price. We want you to have a great experience, see this part of the world, enjoy the summer and learn the Chinese language. At the same time, we do not want you go bankrupt, that’s why we are offering the lowest prices on the market) ​
  • 3 weeks course - 1499 EUR
    Included in the price: Registration, Orientation meeting, Support during stay, Study materials, Trips Accommodation for 21 days, 60 hours of Chinese Mandarin classes.
  • 4 weeks course - 1990 EUR
    Included in the price: Registration, Orientation meeting, Support during stay, Study materials, Trips, Accommodation for 28 days, 80 hours of Chinese Mandarin classes.


  • The accommodation facility is located in the language center area. Double rooms with private bathroom and toilet are equipped with TV, air conditioning and internet. The language center is situated near the Wudaokou Student Center, which is near the Olympic Village - an hour drive from the Great Wall. The distance from the airport is 30 km.


  • You will learn the basics of the Chinese Mandarin language! You can definitely learn a lot in just one month, especially if you are exposed to the Chinese environment, culture and in everyday contact with the locals and language. Topics like introduction, food, transportation, entertainment, travel or shopping will be a piece of cake for you!
  • 60 or 80 hours with a qualified Chinese teacher who specializes in teaching foreigners.
  • You will learn how to systematically work with Chinese characters - how to write them, how to read them, how to pronounce them. We will also show you the most effective tools and apps that will help you to continue learning Chinese once you are back home!
  • In addition to the basics of Chinese Mandarin, you will also get an understanding of how China works! You will experience how the Chinese work, how they behave, what they prefer and what they dislike. If you want to do something with China in the future, you will get an inside look into Chinese society.
  • The Summer School is in Beijing, which is the historical and cultural capital of China, so you will definitely do a lot of sightseeing and will visit ancient monuments, imperial gardens, the phenomenal Great Wall, or vibrant food markets.
  • You will get to know a lot of the locals and foreigners who are as well interested in China!
  • Course completion certificate and if you have already studied Chinese before, you can also try to obtain HSK!


  • No, it is not necessary. From the very start, the classes are run in Chinese in order to quickly absorb the language. At the beginning, basic words will be translated to English, but these are very simple words, so you can definitely handle it. On the other hand, you will be encouraged to communicate more in Chinese and your progress will be faster!


  • Of course. After successfully completing your summer course, you will receive a certificate of completion. It would be a great opportunity for you to check out the environment for your further studies which could be completed with HSK certificate! Check out also out long term courses!


  • ​​Great news! There will be people from all around the world with same goal - learn Chinese language and enjoy some great time together in China!


  • To be honest, it is not the easiest language to learn but during this summer course we try to combine fun & learning together! Except learning language basics, practicing them right on the spot, you'll get nice introduction to Chinese culture and traditions!


  • Of course! Trips to the famous Great Wall of China or Forbidden city, or to see traditional Chinese art performances or tea ceremonies and much more are waiting for you. No boundaries are set and you will definitely meet other classmates wanting to explore more areas in China. There's nothing easier than going with your new friends to explore Beijing on your own or even make plans to travel to the Terracotta Army, Avatar's Mountains, modern Shanghai, Suzhou Floating Gardens and many other destinations after the school finishes!


  • All study materials will be provided to you in the beginning of the course! Small advice - learning to write chinese characters goes easiest with a pencil! So if you have a favorite one, don't forget to pack it with you!


  • Summer course begins with the start of summer - for coming year we work with two dates 29. June and 6.July


  • That's great! Write us on Facebook or email us at and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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