Chinese Language Courses And University Degrees in China!

Do you want to study Chinese Mandarin or pursue a graduate program at a university directly in China? More than 1.5 billion people speak Chinese and more and more young professionals are starting to learn Chinese. International companies are penetrating the Chinese market and at the same time, new Chinese companies are entering world markets and searching for talents who are able to communicate in Chinese. Why not make yourself a perfect match for them?​​

Our Services

Long-term Chinese Intensive Courses

One semester or even whole year full-immersion language courses in China, with daily intensive classes in small groups, with native professional lecturers, where you learn to read, write, even think as Chinese do! In the end, you can apply for HSK certificates!

Chinese Language Summer School

Spend 3 - 4 weeks of summer at intensive language camp directly in China! Different levels are available with classes in the morning time with amazing Chinese teachers and plenty of cultural and fun activities in the afternoons and evenings full of exploring China!

Degree Studies At Chinese Universities

You have also heard that China is leading the world of innovation and this century belongs to them? Come and study your Master's degree here, or take part in exciting PhD studies at universities with great funding. You may even get great scholarships!

Why to use our services?

1. Our Know-How!

We experienced it all personally - attended China language programs, university degrees as well applied successfully for scholarships. That is why we know how great the intensive courses are or where and how to apply. We went through all the troubles, stressful moments and uncertainties on our way, most of our troubles could have been easily prevented… We want you to have a smoother start and be more relaxed while getting used to the local environment.

2. Simplified Process!

Since we personally applied and have already helped many students, we have the experience and know all the pitfalls of the application process. Applications, deadlines, fees, who and how to contact - we got it all! As a result, we have created an upgraded version based on our personal experience with the most problematic situations. We know the flaws, how to solve them and how to predict them. As a result, it will be time effective and cost-efficient for you as our client.

3. Super Deal!

Not only will the whole process be simplified and less stressful for you, but you will also save money by avoiding costly mistakes. We strongly believe that we have a highly competitive price list.

Our Prices?

Summer school starting from 1499 EUR

Semester courses starting from 1999 EUR

How Can I Register?

Non-binding registration! Just fill out this simple form via link below and we will get int touch with you!

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Want To Know More?

During the process, you will surely have lots of questions and often find in a situation that you don't know who to ask. We are here prepared to answer your questions and often give you even a bit more so you are fully prepared before even landing in China!​

Why study Chinese?

  • Mandarin Chinese is the most used language in the world - more than 1.5 billion users. Currently growing number of foreigners starting to learn the Chinese language because they believe the 21st century belongs to Chinese!​
  • Future career opportunities. Currently, more and more western companies are trying to penetrate the Chinese market and at the same time Chinese companies entering western markets. This brings many opportunities for Chinese speakers who are seeking jobs for one of these companies and will have always doors open! You would become a great asset - understanding not only the Chinese language but also culture and be the key ice-breaking person!
  • Tourism is these days booming with Chinese tourists. No matter you go to London, Paris, Milan or Prague, you will surely see them everywhere. Tourism is urgently looking for people with knowledge of the Chinese language, culture, and habits to better cater to their clientele! ​

Why to study in China?

  • We are aware that Chinese is a very complex language and it takes lots of effort and time to master it. That's why we have partnered up with professionals in China who can deliver. The result is that during a semester or one year-long course you will be able to get to such level which would take years back in Europe. ​

Will I receive certificate?

  • Of course. After successfully completing your semester course, you will receive a certificate accredited by the Chinese University. You will also have the opportunity to apply for the HSK certificate! After a year-long course, students usually try to obtain the HSK5 certificate!

What type of accommodation is available?

  • ​​​The most typical accommodation for students are dorms directly on campus of the university. Living at dorms has the biggest advantage of living close to your language school and you will as well stay in touch with other students. It is also much cheaper compared to staying in apartment. Housing in campuses ranges from approximately 10 EUR per day. ​

Where are my fellow classmates from?

  • ​This is one of the best news for those who like to learn more about other cultures - from around the whole world. Peru, Brazil, France, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Canada, Russia, Laos, Thailand, Korea (even the North!)…but also from smaller countries such as Samoa, Togo, Antigua, Dominica and many others! ​

Are the courses hard?

  • To be honest, it is not the easiest one – but it can be done! Your reward will be that you learnt a language that you may not have imagined to learn, get to meet and know a lot of new people from all over the world and create lifelong friendships, travel around China, and in the future you will be one step ahead of your peers!​

Will any trips be organized?

  • Of course! Trips to the famous Great Wall of China or Forbidden city, or to see traditional Chinese art performances or tea ceremonies and much more are waiting for you. No boundaries are set and you will definitely meet other classmates wanting to explore more areas in China. There's nothing easier than going with your friends to travel to the Terracotta Army, Avatar's Mountains, modern Shanghai, Suzhou Floating Gardens and many other destinations! ​

What about books?

  • You will receive your books during your first class. The selected books are the best materials that have been accompanying foreign students in China for many years and they are being updated every year.​

What if I am still studying at a university in my home country?

  • Just as we did, we asked for a “1-year gap” from the university and we went to China! Or you can still start with 3 or 4 weeks course during summer school. ​​ ​

I still have more questions!

  • That's great! Write us on Facebook or email us at and we will contact you as soon as possible!​

First Hand Experience Of Our Former Students

profile pictures

Martin Glockner

Former MBA student

"Studying in China opened many doors for me. I have learnt not only the Chinese language, but most importantly, I have learnt how business in Asia works. I have created a huge professional network that is vitally helping me in my career and business. "​

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Miroslav Hlubovič

Former MBA student

"Studying in China opened many doors for me. I have learnt not only the Chinese language, but most importantly, I have learnt how business in Asia works. I have created a huge professional network that is vitally helping me in my career and business. "​

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Student of Chinese

"大家好!我叫程秀兰! I studied Chinese back home in the Czech Republic, but I still didn’t feel confident in speaking after three years. Thanks to my language stay in China, I finally learnt how to communicate fluently with the locals! Perfect feeling!"​